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The latest addition to the expanding fleet of gliders and technology at Akvaplan-niva

Our new seaglider a Slocum G3 from Teledyne (https://www.teledyne.com/en-us) is equipped with a propulsion system for navigation in confined areas and shallow waters and is rigged with rechargeable battery. This will be crucial in the coming deployment at Ekofisk offshore platform in the North Sea for the research project GLIDER Phase II financed by ConocoPhillips (https://www.conocophillips.no/).

It is equipped with oceanographic sensors and hydrophone; additionally, thanks to the European project BIOGLIDER, we will integrate a UVP6-sensor from Hydroptics and an EK80 echo sounder from Kongsberg Maritime. This will make it a vital instrument for creating soundscapes, plankton & fish studies and data assimilation in modelling activities. This new glider will also be deployed in the high Arctic at the polar front for an ecosystem-based study financed by the Research Council of Norway, ConocoPhillips and Equinor 2022-2024.

Last, this Slocum glider will further contribute to the digital transformation of Akvaplan-niva in ocean research.