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PostDoc Snow Crab

We are happy to welcome Helena Kling Michelsen as a Post Doc on the project ‘Ecology and management of the invasive snow crab: Predicting expansion, impacts and sustainability in the Arctic under climate change (EISA).’

Helena was born in Oslo but grew up in the little city of Harstad in northern Norway. She holds a masters and Ph.D. in marine biology from UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Her academic work and research have been centered around the invasive red king crab and their diet, behavior and life cycle, as well as benthic invertebrate larvae. During her masters she conducted experiments on red king crab feeding selectivity while her PhD was field based and focused on the seasonal and spatial dynamics of larvae belonging to the king crab and other benthic invertebrates in Porsangerfjord northern-Norway. Helena has experience mapping seafloor biotopes in north-Norwegian coastal waters for use in coastal zone planning. She also worked as a technician at UiT The Arctic University of Norway where she was responsible for zooplankton identification, cruise logistics and teaching. Outside of work Helena spends her time singing in the Tromsø academic women’s choir (TAKK) and swimming. As a postdoc in the EISA-project, Helena will work on modelling the food-web effects of the newly invaded snow crab in the northern Barents Sea using the Ecopath with Ecosim modelling tool.