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Migrating from France to study arctic birds

Akvaplan-niva welcomes Adrien Levillain, a master student in “Ecology and Physiology” visiting from France. Adrien will be in Tromsø for 5 months working on his master thesis on the impact from POPs and mercury on black-legged kittiwakes (rissa tridactyla) of Svalbard. He will be supervised by Pierre Blévin from Akvaplan-niva.

Adrien says: «Nestling were sampled in 2010 and recaptured along the next years, which allows a longitudinal approach on telomere’s dynamic. We also measured the stables isotopes to link data on trophic level with telomers dynamic and pollutant contamination». 

The project involves researchers from Akvaplan-niva, NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature research), CEBC (Center of Biological study of Chizé, France) and the LIENSs (Littoral, Environment and Society, France).