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Aquaculture competence to Karelia Russia

In September, Alexei Bambulyak, Manager Russia & Eastern Europe and Gjermund Bahr, Senior Adviser represented Akvaplan-niva in the NRCC Business mission to Karelia, gave talks on ‘Norwegian aquaculture sector – developments and innovations’ at the Business seminar and on ‘Planning, control and monitoring in aquaculture in Norway’, as well as took part in study visits to aquaculture facilities and B2B meetings in Karelia.

Next week Akvaplan-niva will take part in the NRCC business mission to Kaliningrad  (12-13 November) and give presentations about Norwegian aquaculture at the Norwegian-Russian Business seminar and Aquaculture workshop. This Norwegian-Russian aquaculture event in Kaliningrad is the sixth in a series of workshops and round-tables arranged within the NRCC Aqua Programme in 2018-2019 after Naryan-Mar, Arkhangelsk, St Petersburg and Petrozavodsk in Russia and a special session within AquaNor 2019 in Trondheim. As a member of the NRCC Aqua Steering group Akvaplan-niva is involved in the planning and organising all these these events. In 2020, there are plans for aquaculture workshops in Murmansk and Krasnodar.

 Photo credit: NRCC