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Akvaplan-niva shares knowledge for Russian aquaculture development

Last week Alexei Bambulyak and Anton Giæver from Akvaplan-niva participated in a meeting on Norwegian-Russian aquaculture cooperation in Petrozavodsk, Karelia. The meeting was opened by Consul General of Norway, Heidi Olufsen, followed by Jørn Tverseth from Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Dmitry Kislov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia and Alexander Pankratov, President of the Karelian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. From Akvaplan-niva, Deputy Director Anton Giæver held a key-note presentation on Norwegian-Russian cooperation for aquaculture development in North-West Russia with a focus on Karelia. He paid attention to some of Akvaplan-niva’s joint projects in the region implemented in cooperation with Russian partners – Petrozavodsk State University, PINRO, and Kivatch company. The round-table meeting participants stressed the importance of bringing cooperation to a new level through establishing a regional research and innovation center for aquaculture development in the Republic of Karelia.

Akvaplan-niva representatives also took part in the information workshop of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat arranged in Petrozavodsk. The workshop was led by Lars Georg Fordal, Head of the Barents Secretariat. Anton Giæver gave a presentation about R&D and consultancy in the Norwegian Barents Region.

The Norwegian-Russian round table meeting on aquaculture development and the Barents Region information workshop were arranged in Petrozavodsk within the Nordic Days in the Republic of Karelia. Both events were supported by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in St. Petersburg and the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.