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​Radioecology research workshop in Murmansk

Next week Akvaplan-niva and Murmansk Marine Biological Institute (MMBI) co-arranges a Norwegian-Russian workshop on ‘Radioecological research and monitoring in the Barents Sea and the Andreeva Bay: current status, cooperation and further prospects’. The event is held in Murmansk on board the icebreaker-museum Lenin on Tuesday, 25th of October, back-to-back to the 5th information seminar ‘History, current status and prospects for rehabilitation of nuclear and radiation dangerous objects of the Andreeva Bay’. The workshop has been initiated and is led by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority within the bilateral cooperation, and supported by the Russian Geographical Society and the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. Representatives from Russian and Norwegian research institutes, regional and national environmental protection and environmental safety authorities and NGOs will present their experiences in radioecological studies carried out in the Barents Sea with the main focus on the Andreeva Bay, where spent nuclear fuel (SNF) is stored and to be shipped out in the near future. The workshop participants will also give their reflections on future needs for building research and monitoring programs to strengthen environmental protection of the Barents Sea.

Photo: Sampling in the Andreeva Bay during joint Russian-Norwegian (MMBI and Akvaplan-niva) studies in 2013. Photo: Vladimir Savinov