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​Akvaplan-niva Director Salve Dahle speaks at Arctic Futures Symposium in Brussels

Today Akvaplan-niva Director Salve Dahle spoke at the Arctic Futures Symposium in Brussels in a session called “Innovating solutions in industry and the energy sector”. 

The focus in his presentation was mainly on aquaculture and the use of cleaner fish (lumpfish) to solve challenges related to sea lice in fish farming.

Tomorrow Dahle, who is also Chairman of the Arctic Frontiers Steering Committee, and Gøril Johansen from the Arctic Frontiers Secretariat, will present the 2016 edition of the Arctic Frontiers conference (January 24 – 29). This presentation takes place in a side-event at the Norway House which is organised by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arctic Frontiers and the North Norway European Office in Brussels.