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Location Investigations

A site survey leads to the determination of design values for wave heights, current conditions and other relevant environmental factors at a farm site. The results of this survey constitute the location report. This is the most important report for further work on the requirements set in the NYTEK regulations and it sets the framework for the use and design of technical equipment.
Location reports from Akvaplan-niva contain required and relevant information on environmental conditions at a site.

Construction Certificates

A plant certificate is issued by an accredited inspection body and is a confirmation that a floating fish farm meets the requirements of the NYTEK Regulations and NS 9415:2009. Through our accreditation, INSP 013, Akvaplan-niva possesses the necessary expertise to issue plant certificates.

A plant certificate is issued for five years. Before a plant certificate can be issued, Akvaplan-niva will review the site report, breeder’s documents, inspect the plant and check for non-conformities.

A plant certificate describes the current and future configuration of the floating aquaculture plant. The system’s configuration is described in the form of mooring, raft, float collar, groove and accessories. If changes are made beyond the descriptions given in the plant certificate, the certificate must be updated. The changed part of the plant cannot be used until a new plant certificate has been obtained.

The following documentation must be available before a plant certificate can be issued:

  • Locality Investigations
  • Mooring analysis which is in accordance with installation on site
  • Map of the moorings (Olex-plott)
  • Overview of the construction parts of the moorings
  • Moorings report after the outlay work
  • Moorings inspection report (ROV inspection)
  • Product certificate for the main components / main component certificate
  • User manuals for main components and accessories