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Image: Akvaplan-niva

Our oceanographers simulate the spread of different types of releases in water. For chemicals we simulate processes that result in a the substance being broken down or for instance the consumption of oxygen in the water. Some substances sink in the water column and we can simulate the spread of these and how they deponate on the ocean floor. Regarding debrise from aquaculture innstallations (sea pens) we have developed a model that simulate spread in the water and deposits of the debrise on the ocean floor.

We also offer models that simulate the effects of sediments from different industrial or governmental development projects in the coastal zone.

We also offer wave modelling. Wave hight will vary with geographical area and is related to wind, distance to land in different directions and a range of other factors.

  • Current measurements
  • Current modeling
  • Wave modeling
  • Emissions modeling
  • Suitability assessment of farming locations
  • Particle and infection spreading