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Climate & ecosystems
Lithodes maia. Photo: Pernilla Carlsson

Akvaplan-niva’s climate research focuses on understanding how different species and populations respond to and interact with local and large-scale climate variability.

We explore how environmental variability interacts with biological components in order to better evaluate and predict ecosystem impacts from natural phenomena and human activities.

Our research efforts focus mainly on Arctic marine benthic communities as the central component but extend to overlying pelagic and ice-associated systems and processes, as well as the biogeochemistry of sediments.

Akvaplan-niva maintains time-series data sets of benthic community structure using standardized protocols at several key locations in Norway, the Barents Sea, and Svalbard over a wide range of environmental settings.

  • Biodiversity
  • Community structure
  • Species interactions
  • Primary production
  • Food webs
  • Sediment chemistry
  • Sclerochronology