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Quality policy for Akvaplan-niva

Akvaplan-niva (APN) aims to be the leading supplier of advisory and R & D services in aquaculture, aquatic biology and environment. Through continuous improvement, Akvaplan-niva aims to achieve:

For our customers:
  • To be an independent, reliable and professional actor in the market
  •  To provide services with high professional and technical quality and be among the best qualified companies within the company’s core areas
  • To deliver services that are appropriate and cost effective to meet our customers’ needs and requirements through good dialogue with the client
  • All assignments should take place in suitable surroundings, with good quality equipment and according to the specified methods and the client’s requirements
  • Continuously maintain and further develop our expertise in the areas we offer services
  • All accredited activities are performed independently of external pressures that may affect the results
For our partners:
  • Provide new access to knowledge implemented in the company’s knowledge base and work processes through training and exchange of experience with partners, participation in research projects and contact with other professional environments
  • Participate in networks and cooperation where jointly we can access funding opportunities for new and innovative projects
For our employees:
  • Our quality system will be evident through the work of each employee, which contributes to high quality and good results
  • The Director has overall quality responsibility, and all employees must at all times comply with relevant requirements as defined in the company’s work processes
  • The employees shall have integrity and sufficient authority, competence and experience to be able to perform their duties in a professional satisfactory manner
  • We will evaluate our achievements and continuously extract learning to improve us
  • Remuneration is independent of the number of samples, reports, inspections and their results
Our certifications and accreditations:
  • The company is accredited in accordance with NS-EN ISO IEC 17025 and NS-EN ISO IEC 17020 for sampling, chemical and biological analyzes, interpretations and inspections according to a number of recognized standards.
  • Akvaplan-niva’s management system for quality is NS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified

Ethical guidelines for Akvaplan-niva and its employees

1. Introduction

Akvaplan-niva’s ethical guidelines apply to all interactions with customers, suppliers, colleagues and other groups, including the public. They will help us make the right choices when we, as business or single employees, face ethical dilemmas.

The guidelines state Akvaplan-niva’s expectations for personal behaviour when acting on behalf of the company. The guidelines also state what we expect from business associates and partners.

Akvaplan-niva wishes to act in a way that engenders credibility, trust, and respect between the company and our customers and partners.

All employees should familiarise themselves with the guidelines. In addition, it is the responsibility for managers to ensure that these guidelines are complied with. If you are in doubt about how to act in a particular case, seek guidance from your leader or HR manager.

2. Personal conduct


All employees agree to maintain confidentiality with respect to trade secrets and other information not intended for public dissemination. All conditions regarding contracts and project content are to be confidential between Akvaplan-niva AS and the principal.

Conflicts of interest

Employees and employee representatives shall avoid situations where there may be conflict between their own personal and / or financial interests and the interests of Akvaplan-niva.

Directorships, additional employment, and other paid assignments

All directorships, additional employments or paid assignments outside Akvaplan-niva must be cleared with the immediate superior in advance. Employees cannot perform assignments or work for competing companies or conduct their own business in competition with Akvaplan-niva without the written approval of the Director.

Exceptions apply to work / activities of a trivial and sporadic scope when this cannot have a direct or indirect negative effect on the employee’s performance of his / her work at Akvaplan-niva. If employees are elected to municipal council, county council, or parliament, the commitments to work at Akvaplan-niva shall be discussed, and the necessary leave granted.


Akvaplan-niva does not accept any form of harassment, discrimination or other behaviour that may be perceived as threatening or degrading. Akvaplan-niva aims to be an attractive workplace with good working conditions, safe working environment and diversity.

Data security and privacy

All IT system data, products, procedures and documentation that are derived, developed, or are acquired in the company’s service shall be the property of Akvaplan-niva. These may not be disclosed to others, transferred to other organizations, or used for purposes other than those authorized in writing by the Director.

Private use of Akvaplan-niva’s premises and assets

Akvaplan-niva’s equipment and assets, including computer equipment and office supplies, shall be used primarily for work-related purposes. Employees have the opportunity to use the company’s premises for meeting or socializing after working hours subject to pre-approval by the employee’s section leader.

Sexual services

The purchase of sexual services is illegal under Norwegian law and can promote human trafficking. You are not permitted to purchase sexual services when you are on a mission or job for Akvaplan-niva.


Employees may not be intoxicated at work and should show moderation with alcohol where they represent Akvaplan-niva. Drug use is not tolerated.

Social media

In social media we will listen, but do not control the conversation. We must not respond to anything but participation is advisable. Our employees are encouraged to participate in and become familiar with social media. Employees are free to share relevant information from our digital dissemination outlets (webpage, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) on their private profiles, but must carefully consider possible consequences to oneself, co-workers, and the employer before publishing anything in social media.

3. Research ethics and research practice

Akvaplan-niva is committed to the pursuit of good research practice in line with the Research Ethics Guidelines for Natural Science and Technology, which have been prepared by the National Research Ethics Committee for Science and Technology (NENT; https://www.etikkom.no/en/ethical-guidelines-for-research/guidelines-for-research-ethics-in-science-and-technology/ ).

As such, our researchers will comply with the standards of research on openness, quality and accountability.

4. Relationship to business partners

Akvaplan-niva’s business practices are based on principles of good business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and it is expected that our contractors will respect basic social and ethical norms in their business.

Our business information must be communicated accurately and comprehensively, both internally and externally. All accounting information must be properly recorded and reproduced in accordance with laws and regulations, including relevant accounting standards.

Expectations for suppliers and subcontractors

Akvaplan-niva is ISO9001 certified and will prefer ISO9001-(or equivalent) certified suppliers when delivering goods / services at competitive terms when applicable. We qualify suppliers that are critical for project implementation.

Expectations for clients and partners

Akvaplan-niva requires requirements for research ethics, business ethics and corporate social responsibility when entering into agreements.The parties declare their commitment to comply with international conventions regarding human rights, employee rights, HSE, as well as corruption and fair competition.

Conflict of interest

Akvaplan-niva and its employees must address potential conflicts of interests that may prevent objective completion of a task or project (eg ownership interests or directorships in one or more of the project partners). These potential conflicts must be raised with interested parties as soon as they are recognized or identified.


Corruption includes bribery and undue influence. Akvaplan-niva is against all forms of corruption and will actively work to ensure that this does not occur in the company.

Bribery occurs when an attempt is made to influence someone in the performance of their duties by giving them an unfair advantage. Such an unfair advantage can occur in several forms, such as cash, items, credits, discounts, travel, accommodation or services. No employee may receive benefits of any kind or in such a way that the donor may be deemed to have received or been entitled to special treatment. Employees may not, without the permission of the Director, be linked to potential clients, suppliers, interest organizations or competitors in such a way that it may affect the processing of the company’s tasks.

Gifts, hospitality and expenses

Employees are not allowed to receive or offer any kind of gifts in the course of negotiations or as an attempt to reach a special agreement. If anyone still wishes to receive a gift, he or she has a duty to notify his superior to determine how the situation is to be treated to ensure the integrity of the employee and company. Employees are not allowed to receive financial benefits from any of the company’s contacts, except for regular selections, such as during the Christmas holidays.

5. Human rights

Akvaplan-niva respects human rights and we expect the same from our agreement partners. Suppliers ensure that all employees in their own businesses receive wages that meet basic needs, which are in accordance with national minimum wage standards, and are paid directly to the employee on time. Working hours should not exceed the limits of national legislation, and regulation of overtime follows current legal requirements.

6. Health, safety and environment

Akvaplan-niva regards employees’ health and safety as more important than business operations. Information about risk activities that may impair health or cause injury should be given in advance and relevant protective and protective equipment must be made available by the employer and be used by the employee.

We will comply with a precautionary principle for environmental challenges, and take the initiative to promote strong environmental responsibility in our business activities in general. We expect our agreement partners to contribute to the use of environmentally friendly technology and that partner businesses operate in accordance with current national environmental legislation.