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Photo: Geir Dahl-Hansen

We contribute to environmental monitoring programs run by the Norwegian Environment Agency (in rivers, lakes and marine)”Environmental toxins in charr”, Pacific salmon, “Mapping and restauration project for anadrome fish”. We are also involved in projects on recreational fishing and sea trout as well as in the monitoring of environmental toxins in the Pasvik waters. In addition to this we run a range of projects in which we utilize electronic tracking methods to follow the migration patterns of salmon, trout and charr in both freshwater and sea. From this we acquire important knowledge on both the migration patterns and habitat use of salmonids which we can link to studies of potential loss of habitat from development projects and sea deposits from the mining industry. We also use this information to inform stakeholders on how to best capture escaped salmon from fish farms, if smolt migrate in waters making them vulnerable to sea lice and to monitor the likely distribution of the salmon parasite Gyrodactylus salaris between waters. We also study the effects of water temperature and migration patterns and through this we contribute to fundamental knowledge on the likely effects from climate change on different fish species. We also lead a network for increased collaboration between salmon farming and other coastal stakeholders in Arctic Norway “Lakseklyngen SA”.