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MS Louise

The boat has 2 line haulers, 300 kg capacity) and 1 tonne capacity. The boat is equipped with a washing station for bottom samples. MS Louise also has a DP (dynamic positioning) that keeps the boat in a fixed position during sampling. This helps to streamline the work on board. MS Louise has sufficient deck space and lifting equipment that helps the boat to function as a platform for, for example, ROV survey and bottom mapping.

The vessel has a high cruising speed (28) knots), and also streamlines the execution of missions and gives the boat a very good range. MS Louise is classified for speed zone 5 – Small coastal speed. This means that the boat can reach all localities that are within 20 nautical miles from the baseline, in practice this means that the vessel is approved for use at all current localities for farming along the Norwegian coast. The boat is equipped with the required safety equipment and means of navigation, and is driven by personnel with the necessary qualifications.

Below deck you will find 2 Iveco engines with 430 hp and Doen waterjet system. The ROV used on the vessel is an Argus Mini and the sonar used for bottom mapping is Kongsberg EM2040P MKII.