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Mercury analysis in biota
Photos: Geir A. P. Dahl-Hansen, Akvaplan-niva

Our laboratory has good capacity and analyses mercury in biota with DMA-80 (Direct Mercury Analyzer) from Milstone, by a method based on the EPA Method 7473. The detention range for mercury in biota is 0.37 – 600 µg/kg wet weight, values >600 µg/kg wet weight are unaccredited.

The samples can be analysed directly without pre-treatment, for fish we cut out a specific part of the back fillet. Contact the laboratory (see contact information on this page) via e-mail or telephone for more information. If desired, we can assist with shipping the samples to the laboratory.

Normal delivery time for sample volume below 200 pcs. samples is 3 weeks, for a larger sample series a longer delivery time should be expected.