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Chemical analysis

Akvaplan-niva provides a wide range of accredited chemical analyses (NS-EN ISO-IEC 17025), and offers analyses related to environment, aquaculture, fisheries, various biological samples and petroleum.

Our analytical instruments are applicable to routine analyses as well as research projects. Methods may be optimized to customer specifications and needs.

  • Pollutants in sediments, water, oils, feeds, fish, seafood
  • Pollutants related to fishfarms
  • Grain size distribution of sediments and soil
  • Contaminated soil
  • Characterisation and/or fingerprinting of crude oil and petroleum products
  • Mercury analysis in biota


Parameter Matrix Accredited Detection limit Method reference
TS/Dry matter Sediment NA NS 4764  (1980)
TOM/Total Organic Matter Sediment NA Internal method based on NS 4764 (1980)
TOC Sediment NA NDIR-detection. Internal method based on

DIN 19539:2016

Total N Sediment 0,05 mg/g TS Internal method based on NS-EN 16168:2012
THC/Total Hydrocarbons Sediment 1 mg/kg TS Accelerated Solvent Extraction, GC-fid
PAH Sediment


0,05-1,3 mg/kg TS

0,2–7 mg/kg

Accelerated Solvent Extraction, GCMSD

Saponification, extraction, GCMSD

EOM (lipids) Biota 0,2 wt% Folch, gravimetry
Hg/Mercury Biota 0,37 µg/kg DMA-80 / EPA 7473
Grain size distribution Sediment/soil NA
Density, API gravity Crude oil/petroleum products NA Method based on ASTM D5002:16

ASTM D4052:16

Digital densitometer

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