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We integrate recent research developments with practical experience to develop new approaches and improve the existing methodology and support tools in environmental risk assessment. We also engage in innovation projects that require an integrated understanding of marine life and operational challenges.

The combination of experience on both biological sensitivity issues in assessments of environmental risk and from the operational side of oil spill cleanup provides SensE with a unique basis to carry out projects where scientific results are translated into practical tools for operational use. The SensE team, in partnership with several consultant companies, is leading the development of a new multi-compartmental, multi-level risk assessment model for global application.

  • Early-phase environmental screenings
  • Oil Spill Modelling
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Oil Spill Contingency Analyses
  • Spill Impact Mitigation Assessments
  • Oil Spill Response Planning
  • Oil Spill Response Advisors
  • Strategic Decision Support
  • Development of methods and standards