Vulnerability Assessments

Акваплан-нива в действии

 <span>Фото Guttorm Christensen</span>
 <span>Фото Bjørn Gulliksen</span>
 <span>Фото Bjørn Gulliksen</span>
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Дополнительная информация

Lars-Henrik Larsen
Tromsø, Norway

Статьи и отчеты

Recommended amending actions to a planned exploratory drilling within 500 meters from a sensitive benthic habitat (coral reef).

Akvaplan-niva (2011)

Client: Confidential.

Development of the Goliat field; Description of environmental and natural resources in the coastal zone.

Akvaplan-niva (2008)

Client: Eni Norge.

Assessment of impacts to aquaculture of establishing a nature protection area in Sjunkan-Misten).

Akvaplan-niva (2005)

Client: The regional governor of Nordland.