Assessments and Monitoring

Our Monitoring and Assessment specialists provide pre-activity assessments and design and implement monitoring programs to document and potentially amend environmental impacts. Using cost-effective standardised methods in sampling, analyses and interpretation, we help clients comply with and fulfill the requirements and expectations of authorities, stakeholders and public opinion.

Impact Assessments
We conduct a variety of impact assessments to satisfy both regulatory standards and the needs of individual clients and their stakeholders.
We design and perform monitoring programs that accurately measure the impacts of specific activities in the environment.
Accredited Services
We offer high quality accredited services in support of our environmental services.
Pre-entry Screenings
We assess our client’s potential environmental challenges and risks when initiating activities in new geographic areas.
Vulnerability Assessments
We describe and present environmental vulnerability in plans, policies and projects, and assist our clients in taking correct and appropriate management actions.
A&M Technology and Innovation
New ideas and solutions are developed and tested for delivering tomorrows monitoring and assessment methods and tools.

Sensitive Environments Decision Support

The Sensitive Environments Decision Support Group, called SensE, specialises in providing customised environmental services for clients from the operational side of the petroleum industry. SensE focuses on providing in-depth analyses and a high level of client engagement to ensure on-time, high quality deliverables. The SensE group is based in Ski, Norway, a few kilometers from Oslo.

Environmental Risk Assessments
SensE performs quantitative environmental risk assessments that comply with regulatory guidelines for the Norwegian continental shelf, and meet the objectives of the client´s environmental policy.
Oil Spill Contingency Planning
SensE develops oil spill contingency plans in accordance with client objectives and regulatory standards and transfers these to practical implementation.
Oil Spill Trajectory Modeling
SensE performs Oil drift simulations using the OSCAR model (SINTEF). This service is connected to our environmental risk assessments, oil spill contingency analyses and environmental screening analyses.
Environmental Screening Analysis
SensE performs Early Phase Design Environmental Screening for well operators and licence screening during licensing rounds.
Operational Decision Support
Sense provides advanced decision support services tailored to the specific needs of the client.
SensE Technology and Innovation
SensE develops improved approaches and tools to manage environmental risks in petroleum operations.