Discharge Monitoring & Impact Assessments
We conduct environmental impact assessments and perform accredited monitoring in freshwater environments and littoral and sub-littoral zones in coastal waters and fjords. We have experience with all types of emissions, including organic matter, nutrients, pathogens, metals, and toxins.
Biodiversity Monitoring & Protection

We specialise in biodiversity surveys for shoreline and inland waters. These include surveys of habitat types, registration of alien species, freshwater fish, benthic invertebrates and zooplankton. Our biodiversity specialists assist companies in managing their operations to meet or exceed biodiversity protection standards and regulation

Environmental Quality Management
We help companies meet national water management objectives and the European Union Water Framework Directive. Supported by modeling tools, we provide advice on the management and planning of wastewater handling, farming and other activities that generate discharges to the sea.
C&F Technology and Innovation

By staying on top of the latest advancements in coastal and freshwater environmental sampling and analysis tools, we are able to offer flexible solutions to address the individual needs of our clients. These efforts include adapting new approaches and instruments for use in our core geographic region of northern Norway and north-west Russia.