Research Database
and Reference Information

This web-site provides access to a searchable database of effects data for a selection of cold-water marine species of fish and plankton associated with the Barents Sea ecosystem. In this database, you will find the following toxicity endpoints: mortality, development, growth, bioaccumulation and reproduction. Data were located from historical and contemporary literature resources, with the majority selected from the EPA ECOTOX database. In some cases, the availability of literature resources containing data on cold-water species was scarce and therefore relevant proxy data were collected for related temperate species. The following supporting information are available for each data record in the database: life stage, exposure duration, number of measurements, number of replicates, toxic dose, concentration units, concentration type, chemical description, experimental type, exposure conditions, feeding conditions, temperature, container characteristics, publication reference, and additional experimental notes. Our aim for creating this database was to identify data resources of sufficient quality for ecotoxicology modeling. We believe this new database will also be of general value for the ecotoxicology community.

For further supporting details on the resources, methods, and results of the data gathering exercise, the reader is referred to the following open-access research article: Olsen G.H., Klok C., Hendriks A.J., Geraudie P., De Hoop L., De Laender F., Farmen E., Grøsvik B.E., Hansen B.H., Hjorth M., Jansen C.R., Nordtug T., Ravagnan E., Viaene K., Carroll J. 2013. A synthesis of petroleum ecotoxicology data for selected cold-water species of fish and zooplankton. Marine Environmental Research XX:YY-ZZ.