Akvaplan-niva with its subsidiary, Akvaplan-niva Barents, and in cooperation with our Russian partners provides clients with a wide range of aquaculture development services.

These include developing regional aquaculture plans for authorities, to designing hatcheries and fish farms for commercial aquaculture, to establishing research facilities, and to developing new aquaculture technologies. Our focus is on our client’s goals when defining, elaborating, or carrying out projects in Russia. Our recommendations to clients are based on thorough first-hand knowledge of local conditions and the best available knowledge and practices taken from our global experience in the aquaculture business. Our aquaculture projects in Russia are mainly in Murmansk region and Karelia in the North, Rostov region in the South, and the maritime Primorsky region in the Far Eastern Russia.

Start-up Aquaculture

We elaborate regional aquaculture development plans for authorities, businesses and research organisations. These plans are based on a sustainable water use approach and include environmental, infrastructure and market assessments; aquaculture suitability evaluations; selected production concepts; and recommendations. We build our aquaculture development projects in a cost-efficient way dividing them into logical stages. We work in a continuous dialogue with our clients and use local expertise through all stages of the project implementation from pre-feasibility assessments to design and construction of aquaculture facilities and production.

Management and Supervision

Our specialists have been providing advice to government agencies, private investors and facilities' operators in Russia since 1994. We help clients develop and execute management plans to optimize the productivity, profitability and sustainability of their operation. Our team has worked with facilities' managers and production workers to identify critical risk factors within their business model and to take the right steps to minimize the impact of identified operational risks in both production and the quality of the processed products. We also conduct training courses on topics such as aquaculture management, production phases, water quality control, business planning, environmental sustainability, and many more.

Aquaculture Sustainability

Our aquaculture specialists advise operators in the placement, size and design of aquaculture sites to help our clients select their best options when establishing a new or re-locating an existing fish farm. We perform a comprehensive assessment of the environmental setting including onshore and offshore activities, historical information, and sampling of biological, hydrographic, and meteorology parameters. We also use state of the art modeling tools to assess the environmental impacts associated with aquaculture production. These environmental quality assessments are performed according to Russian and international procedures to provide operators with the knowledge and advice they need to ensure sustainable production and good standards of environmental quality both near and farther afield from a facility.

Akvaplan-niva in Action

Akvaplan-niva in cooperation with PINRO made suitability evaluations for the establishment of aquaculture activitiesin the Murmansk region for eight prospective species. The western coast of the Kola Peninsula, shown in the picture, was identified as the most promising area for sustainable aquaculture in the Murmansk region. <span>Image by Alexey Altov</span>
Akvaplan-niva's aquaculture specialists on a site visit to evaluate the facility's operations with the aim of providing recommendations to scale-up production. Akvaplan-niva specialists provided the client with recommendations for the hatchery, including upgrading of the facilities, and improving production, facility operations and overall management. <span>Image by Lars Windmar</span>
Akvaplan-niva together with Akvaplan-niva Barents performed an environmental assessment and prepared a conceptual design (shown in the figure) for the reconstruction of the research production innovation centre for aquaculture technologies in Murmansk region. The design includes both offshore and onshore facilities, production plans for key aquaculture speices and an evaluation of construction and operating costs. <span>Image by Akvaplan-niva</span>
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