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Posted on 12/11/2018
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New report on salmonid migration in Bøkfjord and Neidenfjord

Posted on 07/05/2015 • News Categories: Featured News

Tagging salmon smolts in Braselva<br><span>Image by Guttorm N. Christensen, Akvaplan-niva</span>

Akvaplan-niva have published a report on salmonid migration in Bøkfjord and Neidenfjord. The study was carried out on behalf of Sør-Varanger municipality, Sydvaranger Mine AS and Norterminal.

Neidenfjord and Bøkfjord were established as national salmon fjords to protect the salmon populations in Neidenelva.  Several major development projects and increased tailings disposal have been planned within these fjords.

In 2013, a telemetry project was started to increase the knowledge about anadromous salmon migration. The project was continued in 2014 and in total 93 adult salmonids and 104 salmon smolts from Neidenelva, Sandnes river and Braselva were tagged. 24 adult salmon were tagged in Neidenelva and the results showed that 83 % of the labelled adult salmon migrated out of the fjord system during the period from 19 May - 29 June. Salmon moved quickly (15 hours) out Kjøfjorden (65%) and Bøkfjord (35%).

Twenty one char were tagged from Braselva. Arctic Char mainly stay in the outermost parts of Kjøfjorden and near Braselva during the time they were in the sea (average 32 days).

A total of 28 adult sea trout were tagged from Neidenelva and 19 adult sea trout from Sandnes River. There was considerable variation in the migration behaviour of trout. Sea trout from Neidenelva were recorded from all parts of the study area with the exception of Langfjorden, while the majority (81%) of sea trout tagged in Sandnes River never left the inner parts of the fjord.

There were a total of 75 tagged salmon smolts from Neidenelva of which 40% migrated to the sea. Essentially all the smolts tagged from Neidenelva moved quickly (29 hours) out Kjøfjorden, only one smolt was recorded in Korsfjorden. A total of 28 smolts tagged were from Sandnes River. The smolts stayed for a longer period (up to 24 days) inside Langfjorden before migrating out of Bøkfjord.

This baseline survey provides much new information on the migration of anadromous salmonids and habitat use of the national salmon fjord. To increase the level of knowledge further it is recommended that follow-up studies of the already marked fish should also be carried out in 2015 and 2016.  Funding for 2015 has already been approved.

Download the full report

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