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Posted on 12/11/2018
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Managing Our Water Quality

Posted on 18/04/2012 • News Categories: Featured News

A thriving seaweed bed located adjacent to a waste water treatment plant in Tromsø's coastal zone.<br><span>Image by Barbara Vögele</span>

Akvaplan-niva will perform an environmental impact investigation of the marine areas adjacent to Northern Norway's largest city - Tromsø. The investigation, which begins this spring, is being conducted for Troms municipality. It will include monitoring in the coastal zone of sub-litoral soft bottom fauna, litoral communities, organic carbon in sediments, contaminants in sediment, contaminants in biota as well as two indicators of water quality - nutrients and intestinal bacteria. The investigation is a follow-up to two previous investigations by Akvaplan-niva of Tromsø's marine recipient waters. Akvaplan-niva performed a baseline assessment for these waters in 2001-2002 and a new assessment was carried out in 2007-2008. These investigations are being conducted to evaluate the status of marine recipient waters in accordance with the European Union Water Framework Directive.

Based on the European Union's Urban Waste Water Directive and the findings of a 2001-2002 baseline survey of the marine area surrounding Tromsø, this area was initially classified as a "less sensitive area." A less sensitive area is defined as having good water exchange and as being unlikely to become eutrophic or to develop oxygen depletion due to the discharge of urban waste water.

In a follow-up survey performed by Akvaplan-niva in 2007-2008, the area was unchanged or in better condition when compared to the findings of the baseline study. As a result, the area was reclassified as a "less sensitive area." The new monitoring investigation that beings this spring will provide new information to document current water quality conditions and update the classification status of the marine area surrounding the city of Tromsø.

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