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Posted on 11/04/2016
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Long live the molluscs

Posted on 08/06/2015 • News Categories: General News

<br><span>Image by Randall Hyman</span>

The mollusc, Arctica islandica, lives longer than any non-colonial animal on Earth and can reach an age of 500 years. Fifteen years ago scientists discovered colonies of this long-lived mollusc in the northern part of Norway, near the island of Ingøy. This is the northernmost population of this species. The discovery was made by a marine biologist at Akvaplan-niva, Michael Carroll. Michael has since been responsible for a range of research projects on Arctica islandica, amongst others working from a theory that they can help us understand ancient climate change. This research has brought Michael on a number of trips to Ingøy. In connection with a field study with colleagues from Norway, the Netherlands and the US, freelance journalist Randall Hyman came along. Inspired by molluscs and the people at this remote island in the north, Hyman has written the article “No Classmates for Andrine”.