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Fish farming is not the source of cadmium in crabs

Akvaplan-niva and Møreforsking investigated heavy metals in the marine environment around three representative salmon farms on behalf of the Miljødirektoratet. Article in Norwegian [...] Read More

Posted on 15/04/2014 • News Categories: General News

Environmental Management of Petroleum activities in the Barents Sea (EMAP)

New project on Environmental Management of Petroleum activities in the Barents Sea (EMAP) is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The project (NORRUS) is led by Paul Renaud from Akvaplan-niva. The lead institute on the Russian side is St. Petersburg State University. The overall aim is to better harmonize Norwegian and Russian activities and take advantage of existing collaborations between [...] Read More

Posted on 14/01/2014 • News Categories: General News

Akvaplan-niva marine mammal researchers funded by the Norwegian Research Council

Two new projects involving Akvaplan-niva’s marine mammal researchers are funded by the Norwegian Research Council Oceans and Coastal Areas (HAVKYST) Programme: 1. COEXIST - Condition and energy expenditure estimates from free-ranging marine mammals, led by Martin Biuw (Akvaplan-niva). 2. Cost-effective observation methodology to assess seal population sizes using unmanned aerial vehicle and automatic image analysis, led by Kjell Nilssen (Institute [...] Read More

Posted on 05/12/2013 • News Categories: General News

Akvaplan-niva to cooperate in a new project on Antarctic oceanography

Akvaplan-niva's Oceanography group will investigate the circulation and melting processes of the second largest floating glacier in Antarctica as partners in a new project, "Antarctic ice shelf - shelf - slope exchange study (AiSSESS)" financed by the Norwegian Research Council NORKLIMA program. The project combines oceanographic observations (Bjerknes Centre and University of Bergen) and regional high-resolution ocean modeling (Akvaplan-niva) to investigate the processes that determine water mass exchange over the continental slope and along the coast of the Southern Weddell Sea. The oceanographer's aim to better quantify the amount of heat that is transported towards the glaciated coast of Antarctica and how heat transport may be affected by climate change. The AiSSESS project involves several leading international partners including the British Antarctic Survey and the Alfred Wegner Institute. [...] Read More

Posted on 24/06/2013 • News Categories: General News

Successful 20 Years Anniversary Conference on cross-border research cooperation in the High North

Akvaplan-niva, together with the University of Tromsø and Murmansk Marine Biological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (MMBI) hosted an anniversary conference at Svanhovd Environmental Centre in Pasvik on June 6th and 7th. The conference celebrated two decades of successful cross-border research cooperation in the High North. The conference was attended by more than forty invited delegates from Norwegian and Russian ministries and a wide variety of institutions that have made important contributions over the years in promoting and developing Norwegian-Russian cooperation. [...] Read More

Posted on 11/06/2013 • News Categories: General News

Akvaplan-niva to lead environment risk management activities in the new research center

A new research center addressing the challenges of oil exploration in the Arctic has been awarded to the University of Tromsø (UiT) by the Norwegian Research Council PETROMAKS program. Akvaplan-niva is a central partner in the center with responsibility for the development of new environmental risk management (ERM) approaches tailored to the unique exploration and future operational challenges for Arctic areas. The other main activity in the Center will be petroleum geology headed by UiT. Akvaplan-niva's cooperating partners in the ERM activities will be the University of Tromsø - Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries, and Economics, University of Stavanger – Center for Risk Management & Societal Safety, International Research Institute of Stavanger, the University System in Svalbard, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Northern Research Institute. The new Center is considered a milestone in the effort to build expertise for the petroleum industry in Northern Norway, and is the first step in building the "Roald Amundsen Centre for Petroleum Research" which will address a much broader range of research challenges for the petroleum industry. [...] Read More

Posted on 11/06/2013 • News Categories: General News

New impact assessment in the Barents Sea

Akvaplan-niva will lead an Environmental Impact Assessment for the oil field "Johan Castberg", formerly known as "Skrugard". Cooperating partners in the assessment are NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research), NILU (Norwegian Institute for Air Research) and NIKU (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research). The aim of the assessment is to evaluate the consequences for marine nature around Sarnesfjorden and offshore facilities in the Barents Sea, including marine and airborne discharge outlets. Akvaplan-niva will also perform a baseline survey for the marine environment of Sarnesfjorden, which will include the use of an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for imagery sampling of benthic habitats. [...] Read More

Posted on 10/05/2013 • News Categories: General News

Akvaplan-niva – a partner in a new Polar Research Program project

Akvaplan-niva is a core partner in a new 3 year project awarded to the University of Tromsø by the Norwegian Research Council Polar Research Program. It is called 'Mare incognitum: ecological processes during the polar night.' Akvaplan-niva researchers are involved in two areas: the role of visual predators in the polar night and benthic food webs in the polar night with a focus on hyperbenthos. Akvaplan-niva will train two PhD students connected to this work, one in Russia and one in Poland. [...] Read More

Posted on 26/03/2013 • News Categories: General News

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