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Akvaplan-niva awarded funding by the Norwegian Research Council Polar Research Program

Akvaplan-niva has received funding within the Norwegian-USA bilateral research program on the Arctic. 1. Spatial and temporal variability in sea ice and primary production dynamics of the Arctic Ocean. Project Lead: Øystein Varpe. 2. Reconstruction of Environmental Histories Using Long-Lived Bivalve Shells in the Norwegian Arctic (RELIC): Michael Carroll. 3. CharrAdapt: Adaptation of Arctic charr to changing polar climate. Project [...] Read More

Posted on 15/02/2013 • News Categories: General News

Three Akvaplan-niva projects funded by the Svalbard environmental protection fund

Akvaplan-niva has been awarded three projects by the Svalbard environmental protection fund: 1. The Adventdal delta and its waders - investigations of the function, value and vulnerability (DELTA). Project Lead: Øystein Varpe. 2. Effects of marine diesel on Arctic scallops, Chlamys Islandica. Project Lead: Perrine Geraudie. 3. Environmental survey in Isfjorden and Kongsfjorden with a focus on the effects of [...] Read More

Posted on 03/12/2012 • News Categories: General News

Akvaplan-niva awarded research funds from two Research Council of Norway programmes

The Research Council of Norway has announced funding awards in the two programmes, Environment 2015 (Miljø 2015) and Oceans and Coastal Areas (HavKyst). Akvaplan-niva is leading the Miljø 2015 project, ‘Is the cocktail effect of environmental contaminants a threat for Arctic fish populations?’ Akvaplan-niva is also a core partner in a project led by the Norwegian Institute of Air Research,  [...] Read More

Posted on 16/11/2012 • News Categories: General News

Arctic Frontiers 2013 – Second Call for Abstracts

Akvaplan-niva is secretariat for the Arctic Frontiers Conference series. The conference series brings together representatives from science, politics, and civil society to share perspectives on Arctic issues. [...] Read More

Posted on 20/09/2012 • News Categories: General News

Arctic Marine Ecology course commissioned by Eni Norway

In August, Akvaplan-niva in collaboration with the University of Tromsø, conducted a one-week course on Arctic Marine Ecology for employees of the petroleum company Eni Norway. The course included four days of lectures with one day taught by Akvaplan-niva senior researcher Paul Renaud on Arctic benthos and monitoring. The course culminated in a sampling expedition to Balsfjord in Northern Norway [...] Read More

Posted on 06/09/2012 • News Categories: General News

SALT - Akvaplan-niva’s subsidiary receives prestigious award

On Saturday June 9th, SALT received the most prestigious award given to organisations that help promote the fishery and coastal nation of Norway in a positive way. Norway’s Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, praised SALT, saying that the organisation has helped to increase awareness of opportunities for sustainable value creation along the coast, especially in Norway’s northern [...] Read More

Posted on 18/06/2012 • News Categories: General News

Monitoring underway to assess the environmental footprint of Norway’s offshore petroleum operations

Akvaplan-niva’s marine specialists are once again in the field performing our accredited seafloor sampling activities as part of the annual seafloor monitoring program for petroleum activities on the Norwegian continental shelf. This is our 24th consecutive year of being awarded contracts for this work from the operators. Every third year, the oil companies having activity offshore are required to undertake [...] Read More

Posted on 25/05/2012 • News Categories: General News

Tackling Sea Lice Infestation in the Aquaculture Industry

Sea lice infestation is a major production-related problem facing the European salmon industry as well as the emerging Atlantic cod industry. In Norway alone, the direct annual cost for controlling sea lice is estimated to be 150 m€. To tackle the sea lice problem, Akvaplan-niva is leading the research project, ‘NORDLUS.’ We are developing protocols for broodstock management, larval and [...] Read More

Posted on 11/04/2012 • News Categories: General News

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