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Akvaplan-niva focusing on youth - agreement that includes students from high schools in research

On Friday 25 April, students studying aquaculture from North Troms and Senja secondary schools gathered to witness the signing of the agreement that gives them insight into the future of the aquaculture industry. Akvaplan-niva will collaborate with the high schools, where the students will participate in research projects related to aquaculture, ensuring knowledge and practice are closely sewn together in [...] Read More

Posted on 05/05/2014 • News Categories: Featured News

Akvaplan-niva from Arctic to Tropic

The Latin American research program has funded Akvaplan-niva’s Petroleum & Environment Research Group for a 3 years project. This project, called “Integrated assessment of oil spill impact and recovery on Brazilian coastal habitats”, will be developed in cooperation with the Brazilian Federal University of Parana. Coastal habitats in tropical and subtropical areas are vital for local subsistence and artisanal fisheries, [...] Read More

Posted on 04/03/2014 • News Categories: Featured News

New EU FP7 project DEVOTES

The EU project “Development Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status” (DEVOTES) uses research to develop tools for holistic ecosystem based management in support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The MSFD requires that all of Europe’s Regional Seas shall attain Good Environmental Status (GES) within 2020. DEVOTES was created as a response to [...] Read More

Posted on 17/10/2013 • News Categories: Featured News

MAXIMUS - A new European funded R4SMEs project

The "Innovative rearing and stunning of farmed turbot and sole to meet future challenges regarding quality production and animal welfare" project (MAXIMUS, no. 286200) is a new EU FP7 SME project aimed at improving productivity of turbot and sole farming. Akvaplan-niva's team of research scientists in Iceland and Norway will be involved in this project, which will lead to more cost effective production, improved fish welfare and better use of the resources involved. [...] Read More

Posted on 20/06/2013 • News Categories: Featured News

Lomonosov-Nansen booklet now available

Akvaplan-niva released the Lomonosov-Nansen booklet, collection of reports from Joint Norwegian-Russian seminars devoted to jubilees of Mikhail Lomonosov and Fridtjof Nansen. The first seminar, called “From Lomonosov to Nansen and beyond” was held in Tromsø in January 2011 in connection with official opening of Norway’s Nansen-Amundsen Year and the Arctic Frontiers conference. The second seminar with the similar name was [...] Read More

Posted on 11/06/2013 • News Categories: Featured News

New European Commission Project - ARAMACC

Akvaplan-niva is a partner in the European Commission Marie Curie Initial Training Network: “Annually-resolved archives of marine climate change - development of molluscan sclerochronology for marine environmental monitoring and climatology (ARAMACC)”. Senior Researcher and Coordinator of Climate & Ecosystems, Dr. Michael Carroll, has a key role in this project, performing research, training, student supervision and hosting a summer school. The [...] Read More

Posted on 29/05/2013 • News Categories: Featured News

Improving slaughtering procedures for flatfish

Akvaplan-niva’s aquaculture research department has been awarded funding by the Norwegian Research Council Program ‘Aquaculture – an industry in growth’ to improve industrial scale slaughtering methods for Atlantic halibut. This new 3 year project is being carried out in cooperation with Nofima, IMARES (The Netherlands), Sterling White Halibut and Seaside. Proper use of anesthesia techniques within the aquaculture industry has [...] Read More

Posted on 08/04/2013 • News Categories: Featured News

Akvaplan-niva launches exhibit at the Arctic Aquarium in Tromsø

The exhibit, “Talking Clams,” opened in November at Polaria, the Arctic aquarium in Tromsø. The exhibit demonstrates how researchers are listening to what clams can tell us about the Arctic marine ecosystem during a time of rapid changes. Visitors learn about the geographical distribution of blue mussels in the Arctic, bivalve shell growth and bivalve behaviour as indicators of climate [...] Read More

Posted on 13/02/2013 • News Categories: Featured News

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