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The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affair supports Akvaplan-niva project by NOK 14.3 million

Akvaplan-niva in Tromsø has received financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ grant scheme Arctic 2030 to the project “A transatlantic innovation arena for sustainable development in the Arctic (CoArc)”. The support is 14.3 million NOK and the project will run from 2016 to 2020. [...] Read More

Posted on 17/02/2016 • News Categories: Featured News

Akvaplan-niva wins Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries environmental award

Akvaplan-niva has been granted an environmental award from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries. The award was handed out at Aqua Nor in Trondheim by the Minister of Fisheries Elisabeth Aspaker and the Director General of Fisheries Liv Holmefjord. The company was granted the award for its efforts in the development of lumpfish as a cleaner fish in fish farming. [...] Read More

Posted on 26/08/2015 • News Categories: Featured News

Ingen innsikt uten oversikt

«Alt henger sammen med alt» er en av landsmoder Gro sine mest berømte erkjennelser. Det skulle borge for at man fort mister perspektivet når ting blir revet ut av sin sammenheng. I Aftenpostens bilag med den forventningsskapende tittelen «Innsikt» var vi 6. juni vitner til en øvelse der bilagets journalister tegner et mørkt bilde av oppdrettsnæringens bæreevne og framtid. Med «innsikt» i noen tilfeldige klipp fra ulike websider og løsrevne intervju av enkeltpersoner om næringens utfordringer gir journalistene uttrykk for dyp mistillit til norsk oppdrettsnæring sitt miljøengasjement. Der skrives det blant annet at havet trues av overgjødsling, sjøbunnen drukner av næringssalter og artsmangfoldet svekkes. [...] Read More

Posted on 26/06/2015 • News Categories: Featured News

Akvaplan-niva and NIVA workshop on Microplastics

Recently there has been increasing attention to the vast amounts of ocean litter, while less is known about microplastics. These are tiny plastic particles less than 5 mm contained in cosmetics and other consumer products and from the breakdown of larger plastic litter. On 27-28 May Akvaplan-niva and NIVA organised a workshop in Oslo to discuss the threats of microplastics to marine ecosystems and human health. [...] Read More

Posted on 11/06/2015 • News Categories: Featured News

Long live the molluscs

The mollusc, Arctica islandica, lives longer than any non-colonial animal on Earth and can reach an age of 500 years. Fifteen years ago scientists discovered colonies of this long-lived mollusc in the northern part of Norway, near the island of Ingøy. This is the northernmost population of this species. The discovery was made by a marine biologist at Akvaplan-niva, Michael Carroll. [...] Read More

Posted on 08/06/2015 • News Categories: General News

New report on salmonid migration in Bøkfjord and Neidenfjord

Akvaplan-niva have published a report on salmon migration in Bøkfjord and Neidenfjord. The study was carried out on behalf of Sør-Varanger municipality, Sydvaranger Mine AS and Norterminal. [...] Read More

Posted on 07/05/2015 • News Categories: Featured News

Akvaplan-niva 30 years anniversary seminar

Akvaplan-niva is 30 years in 2015. The rise from a small firm of entrepreneurs to a research company with more than 100 employees was celebrated with a jubilee seminar with staff members from all APN offices and friends of the company in the auditorium at the Fram Centre. The seminar gave a broad insight into the many faceted work of [...] Read More

Posted on 26/03/2015 • News Categories: Featured News

Akvaplan-niva AS has sold Senja Akvakultursenter AS to Lerøy Aurora AS

Acquisition is expected to occur by mid-March. Senja Aquaculture Centre (SAS), is located on Rubbestad in Tranøy municipality and owns a 44 hectare industrial area zoned for aquaculture purposes. The company is licensed for 2 million sea ready lumpsucker and have access to seawater from an underwater tunnel that obtains water from 90m depth in the Solberg Fjord. (Read more in Norwegian) [...] Read More

Posted on 10/03/2015 • News Categories: Featured News

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