Accredited Services

Akvaplan-niva maintains high performance standards and delivers quality results by working continuously to develop and refine analytical methods and procedures.

Our clients demand reliable status descriptions and advice on their environmental projects. We provide accredited services to ensure traceability, reproducibility and transparency throughout all phases of our work from project implementation, to defining sampling locations and methods through to analysis and reporting. Our accredited services include biological sampling, analyses and interpretation in accordance with NS-ISO 17025 standards.

Assuring Reliable, High Quality Results

Akvaplan-niva offers a full range of accredited environmental services:

  • Environmental monitoring for offshore activities
  • Interpretation and reporting on accredited samples
  • Field sampling and laboratory analyses of benthic animals and sediments
  • Benthic taxonomy, specialising in Arctic seafloor biota

The company's laboratory is accredited for sampling and taxonomic analysis of soft bottom macro fauna and reporting of results. These procedures are accredited according to specific national and/or international standards.

Akvaplan-niva in Action

Akvaplan-niva specialists sorting sediment samples collected from the Barents Sea in preparation for taxonomic identification of benthic macrofauna. <span>Image by Akvaplan-niva</span>
Akvaplan-niva performs acredited biological sampling in accordance with relevant national and international  standards. <span>Image by Knut Forberg</span>
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Lars-Henrik Larsen
Tromsø, Norway

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