Akvaplan-niva has changed its procedures regarding receipt of invoices. Invoices are now scanned at receipt, and all invoices and credit notes must therefore be addressed to:

Akvaplan-niva AS
Postbox 6606 Langnes
9296 Tromsø

We prefer if invoices/credit notes are sent to us as PDF files by email. Please use the following email address (1 invoice / credit note per file only):

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We require a minimum of 15 days payment on all invoices.

Requirements for marking of invoice

In addition to the requirements for sales documentation in accordance with the Accounting Act, all invoices must have the following information:

  • “Your Reference” must contain the name of the person who has ordered the item/service.
  • Invoices and any sub-attachments should not be stapled - please use paper clips as needed.
  • The writing on the invoice must be clear.