Management and Supervision

We can provide support on making the correct decisions for business and technical matters.

Whether running a small aquaculture facility or a large complex of facilities, operators must continuously make difficult choices with regard to business and technical solutions that will determine the success of their business.

Akvaplan-niva helps clients develop and execute management plans to maximize the productivity, profitability and sustainability of each unique operation. Our aquaculture specialists combine practical experience with advanced technical knowledge derived through decades of hands-on management of aquaculture facilities from around the world. We have experience working with fish farmers on all continents.

Management Assistance

Success in aquaculture operations requires both sound management and efficient production practices; yet most aquaculture business failures are due to poor management. Akvaplan-niva's management team helps operators identify critical risk factors within their businesses and to take the right steps to minimize the impact of identified risks to in their business operations. Our management specialists can start by performing a full analysis of an operation or partial analysis for a particular section, including overall business strategy, production procedures, and economy. Our specialists discuss the findings of the assessment with the client and assist in implementing improvements that will secure long term sustainability for the business.


New aquaculture operations require supervision and training of staff to ensure that all aspects of an operation are performed in accordance with the overall business plan. Akvaplan-niva’s aquaculture specialists work with facilities' managers and production workers to identify and implement key changes to routine facilities operations that will ultimately achieve improvement in both production and the quality of the processed products.

Training Courses

The skills and dedication of facilities managers and technical staff are what make the difference between success and failure in an operation. Technicians must have the proper skills to perform routine functions while facilities managers must ensure high standards of production through effective management of the technical and maintenance personnel. Akvaplan-niva organises training courses to improve the skills and motivation of aquaculture personnel at all levels of an organisation. We conduct training courses on topics such as general management, production of live feed, water quality control, production and business planning, environmental sustainability, and many more.

Akvaplan-niva in Action

Participants listen to a lecture as part of stakeholder workshop conducted by Akvaplan-niva in Dagupan City, Philippines. <span>Image by Guttorm Christensen</span>
An akvaplan-niva specialist conducts a production survey of local fish farmers in the Panabo City mariculture park, Phillipines. <span>Image by Rune Palerud</span>
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