Our Organisation

Akvaplan-niva AS is a research-based company, incorporated under NO 937 375 158. The company is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA).

Senior Management

Salve Dahle: Director
Director Salve Dahle was appointed in 2001 by the Board of Directors. The Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organisation.

Anton Giæver: Deputy Director
Deputy Director Anton Giæver was appointed in 2008. He assists the Director in management and operations of the company, its infrastructure and personnel and resources.

JoLynn Carroll: Assistant Director
Assistant Director JoLynn Carroll was appointed in January 2010. She assists the Director in planning, development and implementation of company strategies for existing and new business areas.

Akvaplan-niva’s Business Areas

The business is divided into four thematic areas:

  • Research and Innovation
  • Industry and Environment
  • Public Sector Environmental Services
  • Aquaculture Services


  • Lars Henrik Larsen - Marine Monitoring and Assessment Services
  • Guttorm Christensen - Coastal and Freshwater
  • Anita Evenset - Arctic Environment R&D
  • Albert Imsland - Aquaculture Research
  • Anton Giæver - Aquaculture

These managers are responsible for the operations and staff management of their individual areas and report to the Director.

Special Groups and Cross-cutting Business Areas

In addition to the thematic areas, the company has assigned contact person for certain focus business areas:

  • Alexey Bambulyak - Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Cathrine Stephansen, Geir Morten Skeie and Tom Sørnes - Sensitive Environments Decisions Support Group (SensE)

Operational Support

  • Merete Stefanussen - Administrative secretary
  • Kirsti Isaksen - Financial management
  • Barbara Vögele - Quality Assurance
  • Oddmund Isaksen - Logistics
  • Jos Kögeler - ICT Systems

Board of Directors

  • Greta Bentzen, Board Leader
  • Tor-Petter Johnsen
  • Gunnar Rørstad
  • Reidulf Juliussen
  • Edel Elvevoll
  • Marianne Frantzen, Elected by the employees