To ensure the highest quality and value for our clients, Akvaplan-niva either wholly or partially owns and manages facilities and infrastructure that are essential for our research activities and services. These facilities include an accredited laboratory for the identification of marine and freshwater benthic organisms, a flexible testing facility for rearing organisms and performing ecotoxicology experiments, a center for land-based aquaculture, and our subsidiary, Unilab AS that provides accredited chemical analyses.

Benthic Analysis Laboratory

Akvaplan-niva's benthos laboratory provides fast and accurate species identification and evaluations of marine and freshwater benthos from the North Atlantic and Arctic regions (hard bottom, soft bottom and littoral zone). Through active taxonomic research and extensive contacts with leading scientists in Scandinavia and Russia, our knowledge of benthic fauna is continually updated and refined. We also provide taxonomic analyses of marine and freshwater algae and plankton. The benthos laboratory is internationally accredited according to EN-45001 and participates in national ring tests for taxonomy. We maintain a quality assurance program in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

Contact person: Manager, Roger Velvin

The Biological Analysis Laboratory Barents is located at Akvaplan-niva's main office on the 3rd floor of the Fram Centre. The laboratory provides accredited sampling, sorting and identification of seafloor living macrobenthic organisms. Laboratory personnel separating macrobenthic organisms from marine sediment samples that were collected as part of the petroleum industry's monitoring program for Norwegian waters.

TMY/Barents Sea Lab

TMY/BARENTS Sea Lab is a flexible experimental facility for micro- to meso-scale (up to basin scale ) experimental studies and routine analyses for Arctic ecotoxicology. The facility includes a fully equipped marine hatchery (TMY) with permits to perform experiments with aquatic animals. The facility is designed to carry out fullscale production or experiments with marine juveniles. The facility also includes a climate- controlled (both air and water) marine laboratory (Barents Sea Lab) with an advanced monitoring system for water quality. The laboratory is specially designed to perform chemical exposure studies and determine the effects of single compounds or mixtures of compounds on aquatic animals. Studies at TMY/Barents Sea Lab are performed by Akvaplan-niva's specialists or by other researchers from qualified organisations on a fee basis.

For additional information contact: Thor Arne Hangstad

The TMY/Barents Ecotox Laboratory, located 20 minutes from Akvaplan-niva in the Fram Centre, is available for micro- to meso-scale (up to basin scale ) experimental studies and routine analyses for Arctic ecotoxicology. One of Akvaplan-niva's ecotoxicology specialists preparing a biological sample for the microscope. The Barents Sea Lab includes a large area (wet lab) for experiments and an adjacent room (dry lab) to prepare or examine chemical and biological samples. TMY is Akvaplan-niva's facility for the performance of fullscale production and experiments with aquatic animals. Here a wolffish is removed from one of the production tanks to undergo a health examination.